Thursday, April 12, 2007

The X man, rain, and the BPAL situation

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hi Norm...:) Who's you favorite X-Men character?? I like Wolverine....Prof X is pretty cool to....I think I might have a crush on Storm..should I tell my wife this?

Norm answers: Well I only know the xman. And I dont know who else is in that show. Is wolvreen the guy with claws that come out of his hands is who wears the yellow costume? Because i like him. How his claws come out when he gets mad. Dont tell your wife.
A: No. C: Your wife will dump you. R: You wont know where the studio is. and K: She wont marry you because you wont know where she lives.

Auntie Ash asks: Norm,Leila wants to know how rain is made. can you explain it to her?

Norm answers: Its made out of water like all kind of water is made out of.

Miss Canada asks:Norm, is it possible for one person to get another person addicted to something? Say, for example, your Aunt Luckybuzz let Canada smell some BPAL products, and even gave her an Imp of the fabulous Dracul. And now Canada spends a lot of time checking the mailbox for her order, cruising the BPAL site, and even looking on eBay, credit card number memorized. Do you think this addiction would be the fault of Luckybuzz, or is Canada old enough to show some willpower? Hypothetically speaking, of course! ;)

Norm answers: Um...i dont know what you are talking about so i cant actually say. Do you know my aunt luckybuzz? She is really nice. You should be her friend then you could come visit us.

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, if someone has, say, a toy they really really like, and their friend doesn't even know about how cool the toy is, isn't it the first friend's job to tell the second friend how cool the toy is so they can have their parents buy it for them too? Because then the two friends can both play with the cool toys AND they can talk about how cool their toys are, and it's way more fun than just playing with your toy by yourself. Right? (So maybe Miss Canada's "problem" is Aunt Luckybuzz's fault, but really, is "fault" a word we need to throw around so casually?) :)

Norm answers: Yes. Thats correct aunt LB. You have the right answer. I like your question aunt LB because its about the cool toys.

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RockDog said...


What super power would you most like to have and what would you do with it?

I'd like to have x-ray vision so that I could look through walls!

You Rock!

ZigZagMan said...

Hey Norm! :)

your right about Wolverine....he is the guy with the metal claws.

Which do you think is cooler.....Hotwheels or Matchbox?

Ash said...


Leila wants you and your mommy to come and visit us, will you please talk her into it? We have Disneyland!

Love, Auntie Ash.

Ash said...


Which is better? Kraft singles or String Cheese?

Auntie Ash

Dyllis said...

You write very well.