Thursday, April 26, 2007

pre-school post

I went to pre-school today and heard a great story about jesus and how he went up in the sky and told his friends to tell the world about him. Im pretty tired.

(admin note: Norm worked through his lost play spirit by around three or four yesterday and is heading back and all)

Mr Zigzagman asks: Which do you tink would be cooler for a pet.....a Hippo or a panda bear? :) I hear you can buy a panda bear from the zoo for like 3-4 dollars, thats less than a happy meal..:)
Norm replies: I know thats not true because my mommy would buy one. (admin note: true) But id like a panda bear because they are cute and great and funny and nice.

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, how will I make money this summer?
Norm replies: well you wont need money if you come stay with us (admin note: also true) and you can do fun things with me and the turnip and if you want to do fun things with my mom and dad thats ok too and ill just play with the turnip. (Norm's dad adds: and you can help him unlearn the jesus stuff)

You got questions? Norm has answers! Leave your questions in the comments section or send them to . He will answer them in his blog!


ZigZagMan said...

Panda bears are carnivorous......if given a chance!! :) Look it up..:)

Norm!! Whats cooler........Big wheels or batter powered play cars.....I think Bigwheels are the gratest evolution of plastic.....:)

Ash said...

(Editor!: Unlearn the Jesus stuff. Har har. Jewish Girl inside me screaming right now)


I don't want to finish doing my my laundry, what is a plausible excuse for my husband?

gill_smoke said...

Hey Ash just blame Jesus.

Norm, What's your favorite game to play?

winterskibunny said...

Norm, how come you are six days in the past? Am I in the future?

Pippajo said...

Oh, wise Norm,

Why does Man-Cub act like it hurts him to have to hug me but will gladly hug his Daddy without complaining at all? I asked, and he says I don't smell bad or look scary. So, what is it?

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