Sunday, April 8, 2007

figuring it out on the way.

Thanks for telling us that miss Styleygeek. Mom can do that.

Miss Styleygeek asks: If you could be the boss of the whole world what would you do?
Um...umm.....let everyone do what they want to do.

the easter bunny came to my house today. he left me a very thoughtful basket. This is the best day ever! can this day get any better?

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Crawlspace said...

Easter is a rad day to be sure.

I have a question, why would Lex Luthor not wash his hands after using the bathroom?

luckybuzz said...

Dear Norm: How can I learn to be a better dancer?

ZigZagMan said...

Happy Easter Norm....has you mum showed ya how to make peeps swordfight yet? :)

norm said...

my friends, im too tired to tell you tonight. i will tell you tomorrow. my belly hurts. happy easter.