Friday, April 13, 2007

Superpowers and cars, cheese and presents, brocolli and chocolate

Miss Jennfactor asks: Would you ever say this?
Norm replies: No because a person could get sick and if you get sick you may throw up. And you may not feel better for four days, or three, or one.

Mr Rockdog asks: Norm! What super power would you most like to have and what would you do with it?I'd like to have x-ray vision so that I could look through walls! You Rock!
Norm replies: Well I would like some spiderwebs so i can spin a web anytime and id like to crawl on walls and ceiling and destroy lamps, and catch thieves just like crime. You rock too.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hey Norm! :)your right about Wolverine....he is the guy with the metal claws.Which do you think is cooler.....Hotwheels or Matchbox?
Norm replies: Matchbox because when you tip the thing down and press the thing pretend fire comes out and it goes "phhhhh". And then other stuff happens and the dragon says "you escape my firing dungeon".

Auntie Ash has two questions today : Norm,Leila wants you and your mommy to come and visit us, will you please talk her into it? We have Disneyland!Love, Auntie Ash.
Norm says: Yes I will. I see it on tv and tell her we got to visit you because you live there.

She also asks: Norm,Which is better? Kraft singles or String Cheese?Auntie Ash
Norm replies: I like the string ones with the little strings on the side you can get off to eat.

Aunt Gretty asks: My friend is getting her Masters degree next week and I need to get her a graduation present. What would make a good gift?
Norm replies: Craft stuff because you like craft stuff Aunt Gretty.

Miss Mert asks: Hi Norm! I always love reading your mom's stories about you, they are always so cool and funny. I think your new blog is awesome!Here is my question: Would you rather eat broccoli while watching Sponge Bob, or eat chocolate while watching the History channel? Thanks, Mert.

Norm replies (after much thought): Well I would eat brocolli if I was watching the history channel and I would eat chocolate if I was watching sponge bob. If I couldnt do that Id do the way you said, but what if my dad doesn't like it if I eat chocolate while Im watching his (admin note: dad likes history channel) shows? I like brocolli but not cooked because it is better and more fresh. And thats all I like about brocolli.

(administrative offering of Norm's infinite wisdom: As we were pulling up to the bank, he saw a police car and said in a serious tone, Just stay calm and act natural. When Aunt Gret asked what he thought we were going to do, he replied, Im not worried about you, im talking about mommy. Mommy don't do anything stupid ok?)

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Mert said...

I think you're right Norm, broccoli probably does go better with the History channel. Good point! I like cooked and raw broccoli, but I prefer it cooked with lots of butter. YUM!

luckybuzz said...

Have you considered putting a Paypal donation button over there ---> for Norm's therapy fund?

:) The police story. Wow. Just, wow.

gretty said...

I was a little worried about what your mommy might do too! Thanks for the advice - I will get her craft stuff!

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

Norm- MrZig wont let me get the "Black Pearl" Leggo boat thingy from the toy section...oh and they make all kinds of other stuff to go with it... I want a whole room full of leggo Pirates of the Caribean stuff ..... How can I convince him to let me have my toys?

Canada said...

Norm, what is the best way to prepare eggs? Scrambled? Fried? Other?

ZigZagMan said...

Norm, Why should your mommy be afraid of the police?? :) I smell a story here....:)