Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday answers

Mr. Zigzagman asks: I have a question thats been bugging me for years now.....will the coyote ever catch the road runner?
Norm replies: No. He is definitely too slow.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: Norm, my husband eats fries dipped in his shake. I don't think that sounds very good. I wonder will you test it out for me, and let me know how it tastes?He also eats tuna fish with catsup. Can you test that out for me sometime as well?
Administrative note: (Not on my watch.)
Miss WSB also asks asks: I just received three movies from netflix. Ice Age, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. I like them all, and can't decide which to watch first.What do you suggest? And is it okay for adults to watch these movies, you think?
Norm replies: Grown ups can watch them First watch the incredibles, second happy feet, then finding nemo, and last ice age.

Aunt Ash Asks: Norm,Do you prefer the wizard of Oz or Harry Potter? Also, are you going to see the new harry potter movie?(Editor: do you approve of harry potter? and was that a bad question above?)
Norm replies: I hate them both and you know why? Because they are too scary. And aunt linda knows im too little because they are too scary. All I know is "we are are off to see the wizard, the little wizard of oz"I dont prefer both of them and i hate both of them. Im not going to see the new movie because its just too scary.
Editor note: (Im totally cracking up, yeah um harry potter is the work of the devil. You know he has pagan and wiccan aunties right? Seriously? I never got into harry potter really, but would be fine with it either way. He is his mother's son though about the scary movies. I couldnt watch Wizard of Oz all the way through until I was about 13. The witch in the crystal ball still freaks me the hell out)(also? you guys totally rock. All of you who are asking questions. He loves his blog and takes this very seriously so keep them coming!)

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Ash said...


What kind of chocolate do prefer, white, dark or milk? Or are you a vanilla-y type?

Ash said...

(To the editor, I read Leila harry potter at night. it's the only book I can stand. take that Roald Dahl! Even Leila thought the Twits sucked)


What do you do when you run out of clean underwear and your mommy has once again neglected the laundry? Leila wants to know.

Auntie Ash & Leila

Anonymous said...

What should I do if my plan to take over the wold fails? Can you help make a better plan?

ZigZagMan said...

Yo Norm! :) Which do ya think is better...chocolate milk or strawberry milk?

And what is the deal with that whacky rabbit on the nestle quick lable? Bad hair day? :)

luckybuzz said...

I don't understand why my head hurts today. What should I do?

winterskibunny said...

I used to watch Kenny the Shark on Saturdays. I haven't seen it on lately. Do you know what happened to that cartoon?