Saturday, April 7, 2007

i got more answers!

I answered some of the questions in the comments but here are more.

Aunt Gretty: (How do i get people to do what i want) You can just ask nicely. I dont know what else.
Miss Canada: (who is cooler? Vampires or werewolves?) vampires are smarter because they are more handsome. I love my aunt (luckybuzz) she comes to my house sometimes.
Miss Sidonia: Ed, Edd and eddy is on cartoon network. its pretty silly.

keep them coming!


StyleyGeek said...

Hi Norm. I like your blog. (I found it through Luckybuzz).

I have a question and a request.

My question is: If you could be the boss of the whole world, what would you change?

My request is: could you maybe get your mum to put the questions next to the answers in the posts? Otherwise it's kind of confusing to remember who asked what from the earlier comments.

(See, I learned my lesson from your answer to Gretty: if you want people to do something, ask nicely. So that's what I did :) )

You're an awesome blogger, by the way.

Sidonia said...

Thank you, Norm!