Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Statue of liberty, steak, and spiderman.

Miss Agrah asks where you get steak seeds and how to take care of them.
Norm replies: Well you get them at walmart. And then you plant them and water them but you have to wait to see if they will grow.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: I get lint in my belly button....should I save it in like a big jar....or just throw it away?
Norm replies: You should totally (admin note: yes he said totally) throw it away because saving it would be really gross.

Aunt Luckybuzz comments: I would really, really, really, really like it if you would draw that picture and mail it to me (you can get your mom to help you), or maybe your mom or dad could scan it in and email it to me? I would LOVE to see that drawing!
Norm: I finished the drawing. mommy's gonna send it to you and put it on my blog. Its half god and half the statue of liberty because the statue of liberty is god. Ill show you. I love you aunt lb.

About spidey. I like it when Dr. Octopus jumps. But its a little bit scary. And I go AAAH! and i like it when the green goblin's son finds the green goblin's cave and turns into green goblin two.

The turnip is a blanket man today. Blanket man can fly and he can shoot water balls. He is called the crawling spider and he can shoot webs because he has spider powers.

And thats all I should say today.


Anonymous said...

I had a crawling spider right next to my head last night and it frightened my GREATLY. How come I always notice spiders just before I'm about to switch the light off and go to sleep, hm? Are they waiting for me or what?
~ Sidonia

ZigZagMan said...

Hey Norm...thanks for solving my belly button lint may well have saved my marriage...:)

Trixie said...

Norm, I can't decide if I should move to Texas or to Hawaii. What do you think? Do you know about Texas and Hawaii?

I have lived both of those places already and I like them both. Hawaii is beautiful but it's cheaper to live in Texas and I could buy a house. Right now I live in California and houses cost millions of dollars. I am not rich, so I have to rent an apartment. I would really like your advice.

Anonymous said...


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