Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hawaii, Texas or crawly spiders

Miss Sidonia asks: I had a crawling spider right next to my head last night and it frightened my GREATLY. How come I always notice spiders just before I'm about to switch the light off and go to sleep, hm? Are they waiting for me or what?
Norm replies (after a long pause with a disturbed look on his face): Yeah they are waiting for you......Im just a little bit scared about that.

Miss Trixie asks: Norm, I can't decide if I should move to Texas or to Hawaii. What do you think? Do you know about Texas and Hawaii? I have lived both of those places already and I like them both. Hawaii is beautiful but it's cheaper to live in Texas and I could buy a house. Right now I live in California and houses cost millions of dollars. I am not rich, so I have to rent an apartment. I would really like your advice.
Norm replies: should move to hawaii. And you can sell your stuff for money to buy hawaii stuff. And then two weeks after you move there, we will move there too and if you dont have a house you can live in our house ok?

(admin note: Norm is overheard in the kitchen just now seeking reassurance that there are no real vampires)

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Canada said...

Norm, is it possible for one person to get another person addicted to something? Say, for example, your Aunt Luckybuzz let Canada smell some BPAL products, and even gave her an Imp of the fabulous Dracul. And now Canada spends a lot of time checking the mailbox for her order, cruising the BPAL site, and even looking on eBay, credit card number memorized. Do you think this addiction would be the fault of Luckybuzz, or is Canada old enough to show some willpower? Hypothetically speaking, of course! ;)

ZigZagMan said...

Hi Norm...:) Who's you favorite X-Men character?? I like Wolverine....Prof X is pretty cool to....I think I might have a crush on Storm..should I tell my wife this?

luckybuzz said...

Norm, if someone has, say, a toy they really really like, and their friend doesn't even know about how cool the toy is, isn't it the first friend's job to tell the second friend how cool the toy is so they can have their parents buy it for them too? Because then the two friends can both play with the cool toys AND they can talk about how cool their toys are, and it's way more fun than just playing with your toy by yourself. Right? (So maybe Miss Canada's "problem" is Aunt Luckybuzz's fault, but really, is "fault" a word we need to throw around so casually?) :)

Ash said...


Leila wants to know how rain is made. can you explain it to her?