Friday, April 20, 2007

friday afternoon pre-summer fun answers

Miss Agrah asks:Have you ever voted for anything? if you have what was it for?summer is coming... Do you like watermelon or popsicles better? Do you swallow or spit the watermelon seeds? Sprinkler or pool?
Norm: I just voted for the speedguy on the ben ten thing on the computer. I also voted for patrick for president. He beat larry the lobster. I like watermelon best because its really sweet. I spit them because the seeds taste really yucky and they're not good for you either. I like the sprinkler best because they sprinkle water all over ya.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: What favorite summer activity are you looking forward too?
Norm replies: Everything about summer is my favorite.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hi Norm! Whats your favorite game at Chuckie daugter like Whack a mole, my son like skeball...I like hiding in the car.. :)
Norm replies: Let me go think about that while I go squish the spider................never mind the spider is gone. My favorite thing is going in the tubes because you crawl and there is a racecar on top and then a slide. And I love the slide (makes swoooshing slide noise).

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, how did you get so smart?
Norm replies: Hang on a second. I think because of pre-school.

A great big admistrative shout out to all norm's blog friends. HE LOVES this! And takes you all very seriously so feel free to keep these coming. To quote auntie ash, norm squees you all!

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Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

hey norm- catch with baseball and gloves? or frisbee?

Crawlspace said...

OH man, I am so tired and my feet hurt because I walked so many miles today. I think I might have a giant blister on the bottom of my foot. Oh, and my face is sun burnt. Why would I do this to myself???

winterskibunny said...

Norm--What is the worst food you have ever tried?

gretty said...

Norm - what can I do to make myself a better person?

ZigZagMan said...

Morning Norm....I was looking at my toes, and they look funny. Why do you think feet smell so bad anyways? Speaking of toes....what exctly is toejam made of?

Canada said...

Which do you like better - swimming in lakes, oceans, or pools?