Monday, April 23, 2007

thanks for the birthday wishes

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, how can I stop wasting time and get more work done?
Norm replies: You should stop lollygagging.

Aunt (madame) Fabu asks: Hi Norm!! The little Fabus and I miss you very much....we (I) am hoping to feel better soon so we can visit. Since you recently had a surgery yourself, do you have any words of advice to help me feel better. Princess Fabu suggested I go to my "happy place" and said I could borrow hers if I wanted. Do you have a happy place you go to to help you feel better? What do you think of the idea?
Love, Madame Fabu
Norm replies: The mall is a good happy place. You should try at the mall in your head. But you should ask yourself what is the happiest place you go to and go in your head. But the mall is really good.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hey norm...who makes the best french fries? I kninda like McDonalds....but I think thier burgers are blah....I kinda like Burger kings burgers...but thier fries are blah.....We don't have Sonic here..Or jack in the box......Sonic is the best !!! just my opinion..:)
There is this lil resturaunt down the road though......that makes great burgers and fries.....:)
(Administrative interjection)OH MY GOD, I agree COMPLETELY!!! This has been a personal dilemma for me for years. And we dont have sonic or jack in the box here which is a damn CRIME.
Norm replies: I like Mcdonald's everything best but I really like Harvey's (translated to Arby's) fries because you can get regular or curly ones.

Aunt Ash asks: What's better, grape or stawberry Jam? on white or wheat bread? With crunchy peanut butter or soft?
Norm replies: Grape jelly, on white bread, with creamy peanut butter!

Miss Lina asks: Norm, why'd I always let my room get into such a pigsty?
Norm replies: Is this a question where you let pigs into your house? burdens me to say this but it could be because you are lazy (note: norm expressed severe concern about hurting your feelings, we sincerely hope that is not the case as he tells the administrator that she is lazy on an almost daily basis)

Miss Winterskibunny asks: What age is really really old?
Did you get your favorite type of birthday cake? And if so what was it? And if not, what is your favorite birthday cake?
Norm replies: maybe 31....ok 32. Old is when you got really really long extra extra long beards. Not yet my favorite is banana with whipped cream with spongebob. Because spongebob smells like bananas. And im getting it on saturday. So far, I got a racecar with oreos and a crunchy donut inside and a dairy queen ice cream cake.

Mr. Xavier Onassis asks: My daughter is 13 years old. She spends a lot of time talking on the phone, text messaging on her phone, playing Sims2 on the computer, but she still makes good grades at school and seems to be a good kid. Should I be concerned?
Norm replies: No you should be not. Only if she is too good. If she is too good be worried. If she is not too good, dont be worried. Except because she wastes a lot a time and that could be a problem.

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Anonymous said...

Master Norm, you could not offend me! But tell me, what is lollygagging? Is that an American thing as well?

Canada said...

Happy Birthday, Norm. I hope five is a great year for you!

Have you (and Mr Zigzagman) tried Wendy's? Good burgers, good fries.

Any ideas on what to get Hubby for our anniversary? We've been married almost 13 years.

Ash said...

I will buy Norm his very own container of creamy peanut butter(Since we are strictly a crunchy peanut butter type household)
If you come to visit us.

ZigZagMan said...

Norm!! What should I do with my new title.."Prince of Dork?"