Monday, April 16, 2007

a whole lot of answers!

Mr Zigzagman asks: Who do ya think would win the battle of battles....Godzilla or Pewee Herman in a big Dinosaur suit? :) Great picture norm!! Did he get pb&j on the camera after? :)
Norm replies: I dont know who that guy is but he isnt as big as godzilla so godzilla will probably beat him up. Turnip didnt get the camera messy because he was in his high chair.

Auntie Ash asks: Are you ever jealous of your baby brother? and....Do you know how babies are made?
Norm replies: Only sometimes but not too much. Because I love him. And no. (admin note: I did NOT push for expansion on his answer!)

Mr Jesse recommends: Dirty Louie should grow a beard.
Norm replies: He should and that would be kind of good. Kind of creepy too, but kind of good.

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Oh, and Norm, I have a question....what is the best way to tell my friends that your Aunt GB and I are moving back to California this summer? I feel like some people might be sad about this, even though of course I will continue visiting my east coast friends FOREVER (and you and your family can visit me in California any time you want, because we'll probably be in the warm southern part). Should I tell people on my blog? Or should I hijack yours, and announce it here? And will you tell your mom for me?
(Administrative note:) We reserve the right not to answer questions that are too heartbreaking to think about although administrator is trying to be positive about this news. Norm and administrator love you no matter where you go though.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: Norm, I want to win the dork princess contest but it looks like others had better stories than me.Should I become dorkier to win the next contest?Or should I try a contest I am better at? Who does more gross things your brother or your dog?Examples of gross things from both please. Are you going to see Monster House do you think?
Norm replies: If you arent that dorky you shouldnt try to be more dorky because you'll only get hurt. You should do something you are better at. My brother is grosser because he eats lotion. But the dog eats turnips diapers so thats gross too. No I am not going to see monster house because its too scary and the house is a monster.

Aunt (madame) fabu asks: Hey Norm, which do you prefer Mac n Cheese from the box, or made by your daddy?
Norm replies: well...i like it when my daddy makes it. But not when he makes the home-made stuff because that stuff is disgusting.

Miss Mert asks: Hi Norm, It's mert again!I was just thinking... If you could make three wishes for anything you wanted, what would you wish for?
Norm replies: Id wish the justice league was for real and wish i was the king of the world and wish i never got my tonsils out and they were just gone. Because i hated getting them out.

Aunt Gretty asks: What animal do you like best - a bear, a wolf, an elephant or an owl?P.S. I loved your turnip photo!
Norm replies: I like the owls. Because they hoot and they are funny and make a nice noise.

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RockDog said...

Norm! Dude! I had a pretty yucky weekend. What do you do when you feel blah and want to cheer up? Iv'e tried eating pizza, but I still feel blah.

ZigZagMan said...

Norm! I found my keys and great answers as always..:) I have question though,,,,,I like to dip peanut butter sandwiches in my chicken soup, and then it makes me drowsy...have you ever tried this?

Canada said...

Okay Norm, which is worse - snow BEFORE Hallowe'en or snow AFTER Easter?