Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday edition (lots about feet)

Mrs. Zigzagman asks: hey norm- catch with baseball and gloves? or frisbee?
Norm replies: Baseball and gloves. Because you could get hurt you know....

Mr. Crawlspace asks: OH man, I am so tired and my feet hurt because I walked so many miles today. I think I might have a giant blister on the bottom of my foot. Oh, and my face is sun burnt. Why would I do this to myself???
Norm replies: I dont got an answer for that one.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: What is the worst food you have ever tried?
Norm replies: Actually, hard boiled eggs are the worst thing I ever tried.

Aunt Gretty asks: what can I do to make myself a better person?
Norm replies: I think you are a good person but if you want to be a better babysitter you can take me on more walks and take me outside more. Because its perfect when we do that.

Mr. Zigzagman: Morning Norm....I was looking at my toes, and they look funny. Why do you think feet smell so bad anyways? Speaking of toes....what exctly is toejam made of?
Norm replies: Your feet smell bad from walking I think. Toejam is made of socks.

Miss Canada: Which do you like better - swimming in lakes, oceans, or pools?
Norm replies: Pools because they are not that much deep.

Mr. Crawlspace also asks: Hey Norm, what is a hangover?
Norm replies: I think its a thing you put clothes on.

You got questions? Norm has answers! Leave your questions in the comments section or send them to . He will answer them in his blog!


luckybuzz said...

"...if you want to be a better *babysitter*..."

Oh. My. God. Norm is a freaking genius.

Norm, how can I stop wasting time and get more work done?

(And love from your Aunt Luckybuzz!)

Madame Fabu said...

Hi Norm!! The little Fabus and I miss you very much....we (I) am hoping to feel better soon so we can visit. Since you recently had a surgery yourself, do you have any words of advice to help me feel better. Princess Fabu suggested I go to my "happy place" and said I could borrow hers if I wanted. Do you have a happy place you go to to help you feel better? What do you think of the idea?
Love, Madame Fabu

ZigZagMan said...

Hey norm...who makes the best french fries? I kninda like McDonalds....but I think thier burgers are blah....I kinda like Burger kings burgers...but thier fries are blah.....

We don't have Sonic here..

Or jack in the box......

Sonic is the best !!! just my opinion..:)

There is this lil resturaunt down the road though......that makes great burgers and fries.....:)

Ash said...


What's better, grape or stawberry Jam? on white or wheat bread? With crunchy peanut butter or soft?

ZigZagMan said...

Hey question here.....just a great big Happy Birthday!! You rock man!! :)

Anonymous said...

Norm, why'd I always let my room get into such a pigsty?

winterskibunny said...

Norm, first of all happy birthday.

Now for the questions:
What age is really really old?

Did you get your favorite type of birthday cake? And if so what was it? And if not, what is your favorite birthday cake?