Saturday, April 14, 2007

Leggos and eggs.

Mrs Zigzagman asks: Norm- MrZig wont let me get the "Black Pearl" Leggo boat thingy from the toy section...oh and they make all kinds of other stuff to go with it... I want a whole room full of leggo Pirates of the Caribean stuff ..... How can I convince him to let me have my toys?
Norm replies: should ask nicely. If that doesn't work, you should ask for them for your birthday. And then the day after your birthday we will come and visit you and we will bring you some leggos for your birthday and then i can ask nicely to play with your room full of leggos with you!

Miss Canada asks: Norm, what is the best way to prepare eggs? Scrambled? Fried? Other?
Norm replies: My aunt gretty makes the best scrambled eggs. Then my aunt linda, then my daddy but not my mommy. I eat mommy's only if nobody else is there to make them for me.

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ZigZagMan said...

Hey Norm! :) Whats your favorite frozen pizza?.....I like jacks the best myself....but Tombstone is close runner up.:)

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

Norm I asked nicely....he still says no... maybe i just need to h ave a Legoo birthday party where every one brings over leggos and we all share?
I like my scrabbled eggs with cheese.

My question is.... do you like camping? Does mommy? Mr Zig and our kids (aka The Princess and The ShortMan) and myslef LOVE camping.
We live in Michigan.

My other question.... What kind of music do you like?