Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finally more answers!

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back for a me-me

My Auntie Ash wants me to tell you 8 things about me. Here they are.

1. I like all you guys.
2. I went to go get a haircut with Pops and it was a buzz cut. I like my haircut.
3. My grandpa and my cousins are coming and they are spending lots of nights and for like a while too.
4. My best friend is my cousin miranda.
5. My brother turnip likes me a lot and he took off his diaper today and pooped on the love chair.
6. Turnip's poop is brownish and yellowish and grosses me out because there was some on a small pillow and a big pillow.
7. My mom got taco bell for me for dinner.
8. I had two dinners tonight. One was noodles and one was taco bell.

my boo-boo hurts too bad to tag anyone right now.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

because Norm's mom sucks and cannot control her children

Norm still has answers friends. I just need to be able to transcribe them without being terrorized by a bi-polar turnip. Also? The movie was Meet The Robinsons. Im sure he will elaborate once we are free again.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Democratically Norman

Well we went to see a movie yesterday and we went to my cousin's birthday party saturday. We went to the woods with my auntie feather. I had a good weekend. I had a lot of fun and really liked the birthday party because the cake was so delicious. And we had strawberries. So we bought some more today. And ice cream sandwiches.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Good morning wise norm! Who do you think would make the best president...Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Cruella devil, or that wierd leprechaun from Lucky Charms? :)
Norm replies: Count chocula. (Admin note: We are very proud)

Miss Winterskibunny asks: Norm, what is the best thing that you have taught or done for your little brother so far?
Norm replies: I kiss him a lot and he likes that.

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Norm has returned

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Norm!! Whats cooler........Big wheels or batter powered play cars.....I think Bigwheels are the gratest evolution of plastic.....:)
Norm replies: Big Wheels because they go fast.

Auntie Ash asks: I don't want to finish doing my my laundry, what is a plausible excuse for my husband?
Norm replies: Tell he should do the laundry. Daddy does our laundy.

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Gill Smoke asks: Norm, What's your favorite game to play?
Norm replies: Candyland.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: Norm, how come you are six days in the past? Am I in the future?
Admin note: Norm has no concept of date and time measurement yet. We just got the concept of yesterday and tomorrow.

Miss Pippajo: Why does Man-Cub act like it hurts him to have to hug me but will gladly hug his Daddy without complaining at all? I asked, and he says I don't smell bad or look scary. So, what is it?
Norm asks back: Is he mad at you or something?

Auntie Feather asks: What is your favorite part of going for a walk in our woods?
Norm replies: Going on the wobbly bridge

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Norm is still blogging!

Administrative announcement: As this blog's transcriber, I apologize for the lack of activity here lately. You all probably know why. We will catch up this weekend I promise!

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pre-school post

I went to pre-school today and heard a great story about jesus and how he went up in the sky and told his friends to tell the world about him. Im pretty tired.

(admin note: Norm worked through his lost play spirit by around three or four yesterday and is heading back and all)

Mr Zigzagman asks: Which do you tink would be cooler for a pet.....a Hippo or a panda bear? :) I hear you can buy a panda bear from the zoo for like 3-4 dollars, thats less than a happy meal..:)
Norm replies: I know thats not true because my mommy would buy one. (admin note: true) But id like a panda bear because they are cute and great and funny and nice.

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, how will I make money this summer?
Norm replies: well you wont need money if you come stay with us (admin note: also true) and you can do fun things with me and the turnip and if you want to do fun things with my mom and dad thats ok too and ill just play with the turnip. (Norm's dad adds: and you can help him unlearn the jesus stuff)

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bitch and moan monday norm style

i just lost my playing spirit because playing outside is so dangerous. Im never going back outside again. I just lost my spirit. I wish I could put band-aids all over me like a protective forcefield. My dad is right and mommy used to be right too. Outside is a myff. Im too much of a boo-boo magnet.

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Hex girls can put a spell on you!

Im sorry I havent been here. Its been my birthday party and princess fabu has been spending the night so i havent had time for your questions. But im back and ready!

Mr. Crawlspace writes: When I was younger, I was asked what my favorite color was. I thought about it, but nothing solid seemed to come to mind, so I thought some more. I decided brown was my favorite color. I came to this conclusion because my sheets were brown, and if I slept on brown sheets, then I must like brown, so much so that is must be my favorite color. This made me a bit sad, as I did not really like brown and did not want it to be my favorite color.Later in life, I realized I don't have favorites of most things, colors included. I can safely say I don't like yellow. All the other colors are good though.Sorry, I don't have a question. How does that make you feel?
Norm replies: Ok because i didnt like that question very much.

Auntie Ash asks: Norm, Do like spiral mac and cheese or the elbow kind?Also, what color should I paint my nails? They are pink right now, but it's getting a little boring.
Norm replies: I like the sporal ones. You should paint them green because green is the best color the world has.

Auntie Ash asks: Norm,I need a really good post for my blog. I'm tired of writing about pregnancy. Do you have any suggestions?
Norm replies: Green is a good thing to write. Its a funny thing to write about too.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: norm....if you had to choose a toy to flush down the toilet....just for fun....what toy would it be? :)
Norm replies:(after SERIOUS thought) Im not gonna flush any toy down the toilets because all the toys here are my favorites. (admin note: And this is why Norm will have a blog and the turnip will not)

Mrs. Zigzag asks: note: MrsZig is married to MRZIG but in noway is accountable or responsible for his questions or comments (after all he is a Crown Prince of Dork)Norm cool, I love black cherry koolaid myself, remind your admin to talk to me about recipes....Have you ever made icecream at home? would you like to make icecream in a ball that you put all the ingredients in and then toss around? ( want one for camp cuz icecream doesnt really keep well in the cooler but MRzig thinks its a bad idea..... Your opinion would be appreciated.Do you like bubbles?
Norm replies: No I never did make ice cream. Sure that sounds like fun because you could eat that at your camp. Yes I like bubbles because when i use the big thing of bubbles and spin around (Norm demonstrates) they make a lot.
(admin note: You have recipes for kool-aid? im intrigued!)

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Thank you everyone for birthday wishes....

(administrative note: norm has had a gruelling day and his answers may be more brief. He promises to have more energy tomorrow)

Auntie Ash writes: Norm,Leila wants you to know that airplanes are really cool and fast a way to get here. Leila also wants you to know that we have a beach, lots 'o kitties and some turtles. Also that she is getting a little sister, but wanted a little brother. and apparently, she has agreed to share her toys and her room if you come to visit.Love, Auntie Ash & Leila
Norm replies: Wow.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: Norm,Peanut Butter & Fluff or Peanut Butter and Jelly?I am a fluff girl myself.
Norm replies: Peanut butter and jelly.

Aunt Gretty: Norm, Is it true that if you go to visit Ash and Leila you will need to bring your babysitter?
Norm replies: Yes we need to take you.

Mr. Crawlspace asks: Norm, what is your favorite color, and why?
Norm replies: Green because kiwis taste good and kiwi stuff tastes good.

Miss Pippa asks: My Man-Cub, who has just turned 6, is very good at throwing and hitting a baseball. I thought he would like to play on a baseball team so I told him we would find one for him to play on. He said no! He's afraid he will do bad so he just doesn't want to. But I know he will do very well if he would just try it and I know he would LOVE it! Should I sign him up and take him or just let him sit at home being afraid of being stinky at baseball? I could really use a cool boy's perspective on this!
Norm replies: No he should stay home because home is more comfortable but then playing on the baseball team is also fun.

Mr. Rockdog asks: Norm! Happy Birthday! Birthday's are AWESOME!Here is a Birthday related question...What has been the highlight of your life so far?
Norm replies: Actually my vacations are the best.

Confidential to Miss Trixie: You're very welcome....have a good happy birthday when its your birthday too!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Im an action figure yeahyeahyeah

Miss Lina asks: Master Norm, you could not offend me! But tell me, what is lollygagging? Is that an American thing as well?
Norm replies: It really hurts me to say this, it means that when you just sit around and do nothing. Then do the thing you need to do later. (admin note: norm doesnt know what america is yet)

Miss Canada asks: Have you (and Mr Zigzagman) tried Wendy's? Good burgers, good fries.Any ideas on what to get Hubby for our anniversary? We've been married almost 13 years.
Norm asks: Well wendy's has realy good stuff there and really good sandwiches. You should buy your husband a teddy bear. Because he will love it.

Aunt Ash states: I will buy Norm his very own container of creamy peanut butter(Since we are strictly a crunchy peanut butter type household)If you come to visit us.
Norm replies: Then I have to go see her. We HAVE to mom.

Mr Zigzagman asks: Norm!! What should I do with my new title.."Prince of Dork?"
Norm replies: I dont know what that means.

Miss Agrah asks: What is your favorite drink? koolaid? juice? water? milk? Have you ever laughed while drinking something and have it come out your nose? What makes something you eat "go down the wrong pipe" and why does it hurt so bad? Do you know what to do if someone is choking?
Norm replies: My favorite drink is kool-aid. Black cherry. Nothing i drank ever came out my nose. I dont know what makes it go down the wrong pipe or why it hurts. All I know is this. When someone is choking, you pat their back really hard so the stuff pops out of their mouth (norm demonstrates this). Or you can make them drink. Either pat their back hard or make them drink hard.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. That was very thoughtful.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

thanks for the birthday wishes

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, how can I stop wasting time and get more work done?
Norm replies: You should stop lollygagging.

Aunt (madame) Fabu asks: Hi Norm!! The little Fabus and I miss you very much....we (I) am hoping to feel better soon so we can visit. Since you recently had a surgery yourself, do you have any words of advice to help me feel better. Princess Fabu suggested I go to my "happy place" and said I could borrow hers if I wanted. Do you have a happy place you go to to help you feel better? What do you think of the idea?
Love, Madame Fabu
Norm replies: The mall is a good happy place. You should try at the mall in your head. But you should ask yourself what is the happiest place you go to and go in your head. But the mall is really good.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hey norm...who makes the best french fries? I kninda like McDonalds....but I think thier burgers are blah....I kinda like Burger kings burgers...but thier fries are blah.....We don't have Sonic here..Or jack in the box......Sonic is the best !!! just my opinion..:)
There is this lil resturaunt down the road though......that makes great burgers and fries.....:)
(Administrative interjection)OH MY GOD, I agree COMPLETELY!!! This has been a personal dilemma for me for years. And we dont have sonic or jack in the box here which is a damn CRIME.
Norm replies: I like Mcdonald's everything best but I really like Harvey's (translated to Arby's) fries because you can get regular or curly ones.

Aunt Ash asks: What's better, grape or stawberry Jam? on white or wheat bread? With crunchy peanut butter or soft?
Norm replies: Grape jelly, on white bread, with creamy peanut butter!

Miss Lina asks: Norm, why'd I always let my room get into such a pigsty?
Norm replies: Is this a question where you let pigs into your house? burdens me to say this but it could be because you are lazy (note: norm expressed severe concern about hurting your feelings, we sincerely hope that is not the case as he tells the administrator that she is lazy on an almost daily basis)

Miss Winterskibunny asks: What age is really really old?
Did you get your favorite type of birthday cake? And if so what was it? And if not, what is your favorite birthday cake?
Norm replies: maybe 31....ok 32. Old is when you got really really long extra extra long beards. Not yet my favorite is banana with whipped cream with spongebob. Because spongebob smells like bananas. And im getting it on saturday. So far, I got a racecar with oreos and a crunchy donut inside and a dairy queen ice cream cake.

Mr. Xavier Onassis asks: My daughter is 13 years old. She spends a lot of time talking on the phone, text messaging on her phone, playing Sims2 on the computer, but she still makes good grades at school and seems to be a good kid. Should I be concerned?
Norm replies: No you should be not. Only if she is too good. If she is too good be worried. If she is not too good, dont be worried. Except because she wastes a lot a time and that could be a problem.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday edition (lots about feet)

Mrs. Zigzagman asks: hey norm- catch with baseball and gloves? or frisbee?
Norm replies: Baseball and gloves. Because you could get hurt you know....

Mr. Crawlspace asks: OH man, I am so tired and my feet hurt because I walked so many miles today. I think I might have a giant blister on the bottom of my foot. Oh, and my face is sun burnt. Why would I do this to myself???
Norm replies: I dont got an answer for that one.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: What is the worst food you have ever tried?
Norm replies: Actually, hard boiled eggs are the worst thing I ever tried.

Aunt Gretty asks: what can I do to make myself a better person?
Norm replies: I think you are a good person but if you want to be a better babysitter you can take me on more walks and take me outside more. Because its perfect when we do that.

Mr. Zigzagman: Morning Norm....I was looking at my toes, and they look funny. Why do you think feet smell so bad anyways? Speaking of toes....what exctly is toejam made of?
Norm replies: Your feet smell bad from walking I think. Toejam is made of socks.

Miss Canada: Which do you like better - swimming in lakes, oceans, or pools?
Norm replies: Pools because they are not that much deep.

Mr. Crawlspace also asks: Hey Norm, what is a hangover?
Norm replies: I think its a thing you put clothes on.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

drunken apologies

Although Norm was ready and willing with all your answers, drunkmommy did not have the wherewithall to answer them tonight. I promise, hung over mommy will be here in the am for all that norm has to offer and so much more....

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Friday, April 20, 2007

friday afternoon pre-summer fun answers

Miss Agrah asks:Have you ever voted for anything? if you have what was it for?summer is coming... Do you like watermelon or popsicles better? Do you swallow or spit the watermelon seeds? Sprinkler or pool?
Norm: I just voted for the speedguy on the ben ten thing on the computer. I also voted for patrick for president. He beat larry the lobster. I like watermelon best because its really sweet. I spit them because the seeds taste really yucky and they're not good for you either. I like the sprinkler best because they sprinkle water all over ya.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: What favorite summer activity are you looking forward too?
Norm replies: Everything about summer is my favorite.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hi Norm! Whats your favorite game at Chuckie daugter like Whack a mole, my son like skeball...I like hiding in the car.. :)
Norm replies: Let me go think about that while I go squish the spider................never mind the spider is gone. My favorite thing is going in the tubes because you crawl and there is a racecar on top and then a slide. And I love the slide (makes swoooshing slide noise).

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, how did you get so smart?
Norm replies: Hang on a second. I think because of pre-school.

A great big admistrative shout out to all norm's blog friends. HE LOVES this! And takes you all very seriously so feel free to keep these coming. To quote auntie ash, norm squees you all!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thanks for your patience friends!

Auntie Ash asks: Norm,
What kind of chocolate do prefer, white, dark or milk? Or are you a vanilla-y type?
Norm replies: I like vanilla because its so vanilla-y.

Auntie Ash and Leila ask: What do you do when you run out of clean underwear and your mommy has once again neglected the laundry? Leila wants to know.
Norm replies: My mommy doesnt do laundry. My daddy does. When that happens, I just stay naked.

Anonymous asks: What should I do if my plan to take over the wold fails? Can you help make a better plan?
Norm: No Im not because Im not going to destroy the world and daddy should stop asking me that.

Mr. Zig asks: Yo Norm! :) Which do ya think is better...chocolate milk or strawberry milk? And what is the deal with that whacky rabbit on the nestle quick lable? Bad hair day? :)
Norm: My heart says strawberry milk because strawberry milk is my heart's desire.

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: I don't understand why my head hurts today. What should I do?
Norm replies: You should lay down on the couch and put a wet cloth on your head. You should shut your eyes too but you can listen to television if you want. Maybe you should take some medicine too but not the red stuff because thats disgusting.

Aunt Luckybuzz: Do you think I've been eating too many french fries lately? Do you think it's possible to eat too many french fries?
Norm replies: no you arent eating too many french fries. If you were, you would know because you'd be puking.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We promise answers in the morning

We regret to inform our trusty readers that Norm did not get back from a shopping trip and dinner with his parents until close to 10pm. He did hear all your questions and is contemplating answers over a good night sleep! He will be back fresh in the morning with answers to all you ask and so much more. Stay tuned friends!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday answers

Mr. Zigzagman asks: I have a question thats been bugging me for years now.....will the coyote ever catch the road runner?
Norm replies: No. He is definitely too slow.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: Norm, my husband eats fries dipped in his shake. I don't think that sounds very good. I wonder will you test it out for me, and let me know how it tastes?He also eats tuna fish with catsup. Can you test that out for me sometime as well?
Administrative note: (Not on my watch.)
Miss WSB also asks asks: I just received three movies from netflix. Ice Age, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. I like them all, and can't decide which to watch first.What do you suggest? And is it okay for adults to watch these movies, you think?
Norm replies: Grown ups can watch them First watch the incredibles, second happy feet, then finding nemo, and last ice age.

Aunt Ash Asks: Norm,Do you prefer the wizard of Oz or Harry Potter? Also, are you going to see the new harry potter movie?(Editor: do you approve of harry potter? and was that a bad question above?)
Norm replies: I hate them both and you know why? Because they are too scary. And aunt linda knows im too little because they are too scary. All I know is "we are are off to see the wizard, the little wizard of oz"I dont prefer both of them and i hate both of them. Im not going to see the new movie because its just too scary.
Editor note: (Im totally cracking up, yeah um harry potter is the work of the devil. You know he has pagan and wiccan aunties right? Seriously? I never got into harry potter really, but would be fine with it either way. He is his mother's son though about the scary movies. I couldnt watch Wizard of Oz all the way through until I was about 13. The witch in the crystal ball still freaks me the hell out)(also? you guys totally rock. All of you who are asking questions. He loves his blog and takes this very seriously so keep them coming!)

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Ask Norm: The Bad Case Of The Mondays Edition

Mr Rockdog asks: Norm! Dude! I had a pretty yucky weekend. What do you do when you feel blah and want to cheer up? Iv'e tried eating pizza, but I still feel blah.
Norm replies: When Im sad I like to take showers. If that doesn't work, I like to watch my shows and play with my stuff. Sometimes I feel better if I go see a friend or go to the mall. Maybe your wife could take you to Chuck E. Cheese. That will really make you feel better.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Norm! I found my keys and great answers as always..:) I have question though,,,,,I like to dip peanut butter sandwiches in my chicken soup, and then it makes me drowsy...have you ever tried this?
Norm replies: Well no I havent tried that ever. Maybe it makes you tired because its so yucky. Because that sounds very gross. If something is gross and makes you tired, maybe you better not eat it anymore.

Miss Canada asks: Okay Norm, which is worse - snow BEFORE Hallowe'en or snow AFTER Easter?
Norm replies: All of that is worse. Im sick of snow. The only snow we should ever have is at christmas. Then no more snow. Except if we go sled riding.

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a whole lot of answers!

Mr Zigzagman asks: Who do ya think would win the battle of battles....Godzilla or Pewee Herman in a big Dinosaur suit? :) Great picture norm!! Did he get pb&j on the camera after? :)
Norm replies: I dont know who that guy is but he isnt as big as godzilla so godzilla will probably beat him up. Turnip didnt get the camera messy because he was in his high chair.

Auntie Ash asks: Are you ever jealous of your baby brother? and....Do you know how babies are made?
Norm replies: Only sometimes but not too much. Because I love him. And no. (admin note: I did NOT push for expansion on his answer!)

Mr Jesse recommends: Dirty Louie should grow a beard.
Norm replies: He should and that would be kind of good. Kind of creepy too, but kind of good.

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Oh, and Norm, I have a question....what is the best way to tell my friends that your Aunt GB and I are moving back to California this summer? I feel like some people might be sad about this, even though of course I will continue visiting my east coast friends FOREVER (and you and your family can visit me in California any time you want, because we'll probably be in the warm southern part). Should I tell people on my blog? Or should I hijack yours, and announce it here? And will you tell your mom for me?
(Administrative note:) We reserve the right not to answer questions that are too heartbreaking to think about although administrator is trying to be positive about this news. Norm and administrator love you no matter where you go though.

Miss Winterskibunny asks: Norm, I want to win the dork princess contest but it looks like others had better stories than me.Should I become dorkier to win the next contest?Or should I try a contest I am better at? Who does more gross things your brother or your dog?Examples of gross things from both please. Are you going to see Monster House do you think?
Norm replies: If you arent that dorky you shouldnt try to be more dorky because you'll only get hurt. You should do something you are better at. My brother is grosser because he eats lotion. But the dog eats turnips diapers so thats gross too. No I am not going to see monster house because its too scary and the house is a monster.

Aunt (madame) fabu asks: Hey Norm, which do you prefer Mac n Cheese from the box, or made by your daddy?
Norm replies: well...i like it when my daddy makes it. But not when he makes the home-made stuff because that stuff is disgusting.

Miss Mert asks: Hi Norm, It's mert again!I was just thinking... If you could make three wishes for anything you wanted, what would you wish for?
Norm replies: Id wish the justice league was for real and wish i was the king of the world and wish i never got my tonsils out and they were just gone. Because i hated getting them out.

Aunt Gretty asks: What animal do you like best - a bear, a wolf, an elephant or an owl?P.S. I loved your turnip photo!
Norm replies: I like the owls. Because they hoot and they are funny and make a nice noise.

You got questions? Norm has answers! Leave your questions in the comments section or send them to . He will answer them in his blog!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My brother Turnip

This is my brother turnip eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. he is very messy and gross. We call him dirty louie at my house.

I took this picture all by myself with my mom's camera.

Pizza and camping and music too!

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hey Norm! :) Whats your favorite frozen pizza?.....I like jacks the best myself....but Tombstone is close runner up.:)
Norm replies: Well I like frozen cheese pizza from the last ice age.

Mrs Zigman asks:My question is.... do you like camping? Does mommy? Mr Zig and our kids (aka The Princess and The ShortMan) and myslef LOVE camping. We live in Michigan.My other question.... What kind of music do you like?
Norm replies: I do like camping! I dont know if my mommy does (admin note: Mommy' once went on a month long camping trip and now her idea of camping involves beds electricity flush toilets and running water). Where is Michigan? Do you have to fly on an airplane to get there? I like rar rar music (death metal) I also like ancient desert music that daddy plays which is the opposite.

You got questions? Norm has answers! Leave your questions in the comments section or send them to . He will answer them in his blog!

Special thank to the zigzagmans for all your support! Keep on asking folks!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Leggos and eggs.

Mrs Zigzagman asks: Norm- MrZig wont let me get the "Black Pearl" Leggo boat thingy from the toy section...oh and they make all kinds of other stuff to go with it... I want a whole room full of leggo Pirates of the Caribean stuff ..... How can I convince him to let me have my toys?
Norm replies: should ask nicely. If that doesn't work, you should ask for them for your birthday. And then the day after your birthday we will come and visit you and we will bring you some leggos for your birthday and then i can ask nicely to play with your room full of leggos with you!

Miss Canada asks: Norm, what is the best way to prepare eggs? Scrambled? Fried? Other?
Norm replies: My aunt gretty makes the best scrambled eggs. Then my aunt linda, then my daddy but not my mommy. I eat mommy's only if nobody else is there to make them for me.

(administrative note to zigzagman: the site administrator reserves the right to censor any questions and/or replies regarding police stories if they have potential to incriminate her!)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Superpowers and cars, cheese and presents, brocolli and chocolate

Miss Jennfactor asks: Would you ever say this?
Norm replies: No because a person could get sick and if you get sick you may throw up. And you may not feel better for four days, or three, or one.

Mr Rockdog asks: Norm! What super power would you most like to have and what would you do with it?I'd like to have x-ray vision so that I could look through walls! You Rock!
Norm replies: Well I would like some spiderwebs so i can spin a web anytime and id like to crawl on walls and ceiling and destroy lamps, and catch thieves just like crime. You rock too.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hey Norm! :)your right about Wolverine....he is the guy with the metal claws.Which do you think is cooler.....Hotwheels or Matchbox?
Norm replies: Matchbox because when you tip the thing down and press the thing pretend fire comes out and it goes "phhhhh". And then other stuff happens and the dragon says "you escape my firing dungeon".

Auntie Ash has two questions today : Norm,Leila wants you and your mommy to come and visit us, will you please talk her into it? We have Disneyland!Love, Auntie Ash.
Norm says: Yes I will. I see it on tv and tell her we got to visit you because you live there.

She also asks: Norm,Which is better? Kraft singles or String Cheese?Auntie Ash
Norm replies: I like the string ones with the little strings on the side you can get off to eat.

Aunt Gretty asks: My friend is getting her Masters degree next week and I need to get her a graduation present. What would make a good gift?
Norm replies: Craft stuff because you like craft stuff Aunt Gretty.

Miss Mert asks: Hi Norm! I always love reading your mom's stories about you, they are always so cool and funny. I think your new blog is awesome!Here is my question: Would you rather eat broccoli while watching Sponge Bob, or eat chocolate while watching the History channel? Thanks, Mert.

Norm replies (after much thought): Well I would eat brocolli if I was watching the history channel and I would eat chocolate if I was watching sponge bob. If I couldnt do that Id do the way you said, but what if my dad doesn't like it if I eat chocolate while Im watching his (admin note: dad likes history channel) shows? I like brocolli but not cooked because it is better and more fresh. And thats all I like about brocolli.

(administrative offering of Norm's infinite wisdom: As we were pulling up to the bank, he saw a police car and said in a serious tone, Just stay calm and act natural. When Aunt Gret asked what he thought we were going to do, he replied, Im not worried about you, im talking about mommy. Mommy don't do anything stupid ok?)

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The X man, rain, and the BPAL situation

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Hi Norm...:) Who's you favorite X-Men character?? I like Wolverine....Prof X is pretty cool to....I think I might have a crush on Storm..should I tell my wife this?

Norm answers: Well I only know the xman. And I dont know who else is in that show. Is wolvreen the guy with claws that come out of his hands is who wears the yellow costume? Because i like him. How his claws come out when he gets mad. Dont tell your wife.
A: No. C: Your wife will dump you. R: You wont know where the studio is. and K: She wont marry you because you wont know where she lives.

Auntie Ash asks: Norm,Leila wants to know how rain is made. can you explain it to her?

Norm answers: Its made out of water like all kind of water is made out of.

Miss Canada asks:Norm, is it possible for one person to get another person addicted to something? Say, for example, your Aunt Luckybuzz let Canada smell some BPAL products, and even gave her an Imp of the fabulous Dracul. And now Canada spends a lot of time checking the mailbox for her order, cruising the BPAL site, and even looking on eBay, credit card number memorized. Do you think this addiction would be the fault of Luckybuzz, or is Canada old enough to show some willpower? Hypothetically speaking, of course! ;)

Norm answers: Um...i dont know what you are talking about so i cant actually say. Do you know my aunt luckybuzz? She is really nice. You should be her friend then you could come visit us.

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, if someone has, say, a toy they really really like, and their friend doesn't even know about how cool the toy is, isn't it the first friend's job to tell the second friend how cool the toy is so they can have their parents buy it for them too? Because then the two friends can both play with the cool toys AND they can talk about how cool their toys are, and it's way more fun than just playing with your toy by yourself. Right? (So maybe Miss Canada's "problem" is Aunt Luckybuzz's fault, but really, is "fault" a word we need to throw around so casually?) :)

Norm answers: Yes. Thats correct aunt LB. You have the right answer. I like your question aunt LB because its about the cool toys.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hawaii, Texas or crawly spiders

Miss Sidonia asks: I had a crawling spider right next to my head last night and it frightened my GREATLY. How come I always notice spiders just before I'm about to switch the light off and go to sleep, hm? Are they waiting for me or what?
Norm replies (after a long pause with a disturbed look on his face): Yeah they are waiting for you......Im just a little bit scared about that.

Miss Trixie asks: Norm, I can't decide if I should move to Texas or to Hawaii. What do you think? Do you know about Texas and Hawaii? I have lived both of those places already and I like them both. Hawaii is beautiful but it's cheaper to live in Texas and I could buy a house. Right now I live in California and houses cost millions of dollars. I am not rich, so I have to rent an apartment. I would really like your advice.
Norm replies: should move to hawaii. And you can sell your stuff for money to buy hawaii stuff. And then two weeks after you move there, we will move there too and if you dont have a house you can live in our house ok?

(admin note: Norm is overheard in the kitchen just now seeking reassurance that there are no real vampires)

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Statue of liberty, steak, and spiderman.

Miss Agrah asks where you get steak seeds and how to take care of them.
Norm replies: Well you get them at walmart. And then you plant them and water them but you have to wait to see if they will grow.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: I get lint in my belly button....should I save it in like a big jar....or just throw it away?
Norm replies: You should totally (admin note: yes he said totally) throw it away because saving it would be really gross.

Aunt Luckybuzz comments: I would really, really, really, really like it if you would draw that picture and mail it to me (you can get your mom to help you), or maybe your mom or dad could scan it in and email it to me? I would LOVE to see that drawing!
Norm: I finished the drawing. mommy's gonna send it to you and put it on my blog. Its half god and half the statue of liberty because the statue of liberty is god. Ill show you. I love you aunt lb.

About spidey. I like it when Dr. Octopus jumps. But its a little bit scary. And I go AAAH! and i like it when the green goblin's son finds the green goblin's cave and turns into green goblin two.

The turnip is a blanket man today. Blanket man can fly and he can shoot water balls. He is called the crawling spider and he can shoot webs because he has spider powers.

And thats all I should say today.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Ask norm: Gods gardens and toys

Miss Agrah asks: I want to plant flowers and maybe some vegetables..... any ideas for this years mini garden?
Norm replies: Brocolli and steak would be good. For flowers you should plant sunflowers. But i dont think you can eat the sunflowers.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Yo Norm, When I play with my kids toys...they get mad at you get mad when dad plays with your toys??
Norm replies: Well when he plays with them by himself i get mad but when he plays them with me, I get happy!

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, what does God(/dess) look like? And would God say "y'all," "youse," or "y'ins guys"?
Norm replies: Well...I better just draw you a picture. And God says y'all y'ouse. I love my aunt luckybuzz!

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monday afternoon answers

Mr. Zigzag asks: What happened to Steve Novak?
Norm replies: Did he die? I dont know. I dont know what happened to him. Wait I think I do, I think he got sick and died. (Admin note: IM SO SORRY but I have to admit with all the discussion about him, this did cross my mind too. But norm is also a bit death obsessed)

Auntie Ash asks: How come your mommy never calls me back?
(Admin: An email addressing this issue was sent on friday about norm's mommy having anxiety about calling you at work or wasting your minutes. Definitive answers regarding this issue will rectify the problem.)

Auntie Ash also asks: What happens to the sockmate when one sock comes out of the washer alone?
Norm replies: Well either it got lost or it dried up.

Miss Pippa asks: Which are funnier farts or poops?
Norm replies: Poops are funnier because they come out of someone's butt and you can see them and thats the very funny part. Because you cant see farts.

Mr. Rockdog asks: There seems to be much debate about the characters on HigglyTown Heroes...can we get your insight on this show? PS...I am a fan and believe that they work, not for the money, but for pride. Pizza Man is my favorite HERO!
Norm replies: I like HigglyTown heroes. I think they do their jobs because they work for pride . Actually the boy in green is my favorite guy. (admin note: when questioned norm could NOT define pride)

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answers answers i got answers

Mr. Crawlspace asks: Why does lex luthor not wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom? Well....because he is a bad guy. And he is not good.
Aunt Luckybuzz asks: How can I learn to be a better dancer. Aunt Luckybuzz you can come to my birthday party and I will give you lessons. Because you are invited to my party. Maybe you could take a bus.

Aunt Gretty: (no question here) Your hair looks very pretty today and you look pretty too!

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Administrator note to zigzagman: Norm has not experienced a peep fight and administrators are withholding this particular entertainment until certain unreasonable fathers are not able to cause troubles.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

figuring it out on the way.

Thanks for telling us that miss Styleygeek. Mom can do that.

Miss Styleygeek asks: If you could be the boss of the whole world what would you do?
Um...umm.....let everyone do what they want to do.

the easter bunny came to my house today. he left me a very thoughtful basket. This is the best day ever! can this day get any better?

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

i got more answers!

I answered some of the questions in the comments but here are more.

Aunt Gretty: (How do i get people to do what i want) You can just ask nicely. I dont know what else.
Miss Canada: (who is cooler? Vampires or werewolves?) vampires are smarter because they are more handsome. I love my aunt (luckybuzz) she comes to my house sometimes.
Miss Sidonia: Ed, Edd and eddy is on cartoon network. its pretty silly.

keep them coming!

you got questions, i got answers

Hi everyone,
Im excited that you are coming to see me. I got answers to your questions!
Miss Canada: I will make new pictures in a little bit. Happy birthday.
Mr XO: My dad is stronger than both of those guys. Me and My Dad will fight them.
Miss MOTD: I love the bippety boppety boo episode of fosters.
Miss Jen: My favorite guy is spongebob. Did you see the one where spongebob thinks he is gary? Its so funny.
Aunt LB: I say most of the stuff and mommy fixes it when i get tired of blogging and want to go take a bath or eat a popsicle. But I promise the answers will all be mine.
Aunt GB: That guys hair is a wig. He looks like thats a wig. Why is he wearing a wig? It doesnt look nice. (and this is verbatim)

Friday, April 6, 2007

My name is norman.

Hello friends. I am starting my blog so i can share my insights with the blogworld. As you may know from my mom's blog, I have a lot to offer including snapshots (subjects ranging from really close range shots of my little brother's nostrils to pictures of my television, my spiderman guys, or even my chocolate milk) drawings (see the picture in the profile? It looks lifelike but i actually drew that of my mommy and me)(I know I know, we hear all the time how frighteningly accurate the portrayals appear), and random helpful observations. My mommy is helping me with the detail work but the words and ideas are mine. So sit back and take notice friends. I have arrived.

My first observation?

I like the show Ed, Edd, and Eddy. I find it funny and engaging.