Monday, April 9, 2007

Ask norm: Gods gardens and toys

Miss Agrah asks: I want to plant flowers and maybe some vegetables..... any ideas for this years mini garden?
Norm replies: Brocolli and steak would be good. For flowers you should plant sunflowers. But i dont think you can eat the sunflowers.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: Yo Norm, When I play with my kids toys...they get mad at you get mad when dad plays with your toys??
Norm replies: Well when he plays with them by himself i get mad but when he plays them with me, I get happy!

Aunt Luckybuzz asks: Norm, what does God(/dess) look like? And would God say "y'all," "youse," or "y'ins guys"?
Norm replies: Well...I better just draw you a picture. And God says y'all y'ouse. I love my aunt luckybuzz!

You got questions? Norm has answers! Leave your questions in the comments section or send them to He will answer them in his blog!


ZigZagMan said...

Norm.....I completely agree with you on Agrahs garden.....steak is a must.

Here is a question though.....I get lint in my belly button....should I save it in like a big jar....or just throw it away?

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

Thank you Norm. I think I will try the sunflowers. Let me know if you find steak seeds and how to care for them.:)

luckybuzz said...

Thanks, Norm. I would really, really, really, really like it if you would draw that picture and mail it to me (you can get your mom to help you), or maybe your mom or dad could scan it in and email it to me? I would LOVE to see that drawing!

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