Monday, April 9, 2007

answers answers i got answers

Mr. Crawlspace asks: Why does lex luthor not wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom? Well....because he is a bad guy. And he is not good.
Aunt Luckybuzz asks: How can I learn to be a better dancer. Aunt Luckybuzz you can come to my birthday party and I will give you lessons. Because you are invited to my party. Maybe you could take a bus.

Aunt Gretty: (no question here) Your hair looks very pretty today and you look pretty too!

You got questions? Norm has answers! Leave your questions in the comments section or send them to He will answer them in his blog!

Administrator note to zigzagman: Norm has not experienced a peep fight and administrators are withholding this particular entertainment until certain unreasonable fathers are not able to cause troubles.


ZigZagMan said...

Norm buddy!! Good morning. I have one for you....what happened to Sreve Novak?....I think space aliens got him.

Note to administrator.....pity on the peep fight roadblock..:)

Ash said...

Norm, I have a question, how come your mommy never calls me back?

Also, where does the one sock go when it's mate comes out of the washer alone?

RockDog said...


There seems to be much debate about the characters on HigglyTown Heroes...can we get your insight on this show?

PS...I am a fan and believe that they work, not for the money, but for pride. Pizza Man is my favorite HERO!

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

Admin is smart... MrZig and Manchild did their Peep experiment after MrsZig left for work....