Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Im an action figure yeahyeahyeah

Miss Lina asks: Master Norm, you could not offend me! But tell me, what is lollygagging? Is that an American thing as well?
Norm replies: It really hurts me to say this, it means that when you just sit around and do nothing. Then do the thing you need to do later. (admin note: norm doesnt know what america is yet)

Miss Canada asks: Have you (and Mr Zigzagman) tried Wendy's? Good burgers, good fries.Any ideas on what to get Hubby for our anniversary? We've been married almost 13 years.
Norm asks: Well wendy's has realy good stuff there and really good sandwiches. You should buy your husband a teddy bear. Because he will love it.

Aunt Ash states: I will buy Norm his very own container of creamy peanut butter(Since we are strictly a crunchy peanut butter type household)If you come to visit us.
Norm replies: Then I have to go see her. We HAVE to mom.

Mr Zigzagman asks: Norm!! What should I do with my new title.."Prince of Dork?"
Norm replies: I dont know what that means.

Miss Agrah asks: What is your favorite drink? koolaid? juice? water? milk? Have you ever laughed while drinking something and have it come out your nose? What makes something you eat "go down the wrong pipe" and why does it hurt so bad? Do you know what to do if someone is choking?
Norm replies: My favorite drink is kool-aid. Black cherry. Nothing i drank ever came out my nose. I dont know what makes it go down the wrong pipe or why it hurts. All I know is this. When someone is choking, you pat their back really hard so the stuff pops out of their mouth (norm demonstrates this). Or you can make them drink. Either pat their back hard or make them drink hard.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. That was very thoughtful.

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Ash said...


Leila wants you to know that airplanes are really cool and fast a way to get here. Leila also wants you to know that we have a beach, lots 'o kitties and some turtles. Also that she is getting a little sister, but wanted a little brother. and apparently, she has agreed to share her toys and her room if you come to visit.

Love, Auntie Ash & Leila

winterskibunny said...


Peanut Butter & Fluff or Peanut Butter and Jelly?

I am a fluff girl myself.

gretty said...

Norm, Is it true that if you go to visit Ash and Leila you will need to bring your babysitter?

Crawlspace said...

Norm, what is your favorite color, and why?

Pippajo said...

Oh wise Norm,

My Man-Cub, who has just turned 6, is very good at throwing and hitting a baseball. I thought he would like to play on a baseball team so I told him we would find one for him to play on. He said no! He's afraid he will do bad so he just doesn't want to. But I know he will do very well if he would just try it and I know he would LOVE it! Should I sign him up and take him or just let him sit at home being afraid of being stinky at baseball? I could really use a cool boy's perspective on this!

Pippajo said...

Oh! And, duh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Five is a GREAT age!

RockDog said...

Norm! Happy Birthday! Birthday's are AWESOME!

Here is a Birthday related question...What has been the highlight of your life so far?