Monday, April 9, 2007

monday afternoon answers

Mr. Zigzag asks: What happened to Steve Novak?
Norm replies: Did he die? I dont know. I dont know what happened to him. Wait I think I do, I think he got sick and died. (Admin note: IM SO SORRY but I have to admit with all the discussion about him, this did cross my mind too. But norm is also a bit death obsessed)

Auntie Ash asks: How come your mommy never calls me back?
(Admin: An email addressing this issue was sent on friday about norm's mommy having anxiety about calling you at work or wasting your minutes. Definitive answers regarding this issue will rectify the problem.)

Auntie Ash also asks: What happens to the sockmate when one sock comes out of the washer alone?
Norm replies: Well either it got lost or it dried up.

Miss Pippa asks: Which are funnier farts or poops?
Norm replies: Poops are funnier because they come out of someone's butt and you can see them and thats the very funny part. Because you cant see farts.

Mr. Rockdog asks: There seems to be much debate about the characters on HigglyTown Heroes...can we get your insight on this show? PS...I am a fan and believe that they work, not for the money, but for pride. Pizza Man is my favorite HERO!
Norm replies: I like HigglyTown heroes. I think they do their jobs because they work for pride . Actually the boy in green is my favorite guy. (admin note: when questioned norm could NOT define pride)

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ZigZagMan said...

Yo Norm!! :)

When I play with my kids toys...they get mad at you get mad when dad plays with your toys??

luckybuzz said...

I love Norm. (That's not a question. Just an observation.)

Norm, what does God(/dess) look like? And would God say "y'all," "youse," or "y'ins guys"?