Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hex girls can put a spell on you!

Im sorry I havent been here. Its been my birthday party and princess fabu has been spending the night so i havent had time for your questions. But im back and ready!

Mr. Crawlspace writes: When I was younger, I was asked what my favorite color was. I thought about it, but nothing solid seemed to come to mind, so I thought some more. I decided brown was my favorite color. I came to this conclusion because my sheets were brown, and if I slept on brown sheets, then I must like brown, so much so that is must be my favorite color. This made me a bit sad, as I did not really like brown and did not want it to be my favorite color.Later in life, I realized I don't have favorites of most things, colors included. I can safely say I don't like yellow. All the other colors are good though.Sorry, I don't have a question. How does that make you feel?
Norm replies: Ok because i didnt like that question very much.

Auntie Ash asks: Norm, Do like spiral mac and cheese or the elbow kind?Also, what color should I paint my nails? They are pink right now, but it's getting a little boring.
Norm replies: I like the sporal ones. You should paint them green because green is the best color the world has.

Auntie Ash asks: Norm,I need a really good post for my blog. I'm tired of writing about pregnancy. Do you have any suggestions?
Norm replies: Green is a good thing to write. Its a funny thing to write about too.

Mr. Zigzagman asks: norm....if you had to choose a toy to flush down the toilet....just for fun....what toy would it be? :)
Norm replies:(after SERIOUS thought) Im not gonna flush any toy down the toilets because all the toys here are my favorites. (admin note: And this is why Norm will have a blog and the turnip will not)

Mrs. Zigzag asks: note: MrsZig is married to MRZIG but in noway is accountable or responsible for his questions or comments (after all he is a Crown Prince of Dork)Norm cool, I love black cherry koolaid myself, remind your admin to talk to me about recipes....Have you ever made icecream at home? would you like to make icecream in a ball that you put all the ingredients in and then toss around? ( want one for camp cuz icecream doesnt really keep well in the cooler but MRzig thinks its a bad idea..... Your opinion would be appreciated.Do you like bubbles?
Norm replies: No I never did make ice cream. Sure that sounds like fun because you could eat that at your camp. Yes I like bubbles because when i use the big thing of bubbles and spin around (Norm demonstrates) they make a lot.
(admin note: You have recipes for kool-aid? im intrigued!)

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